Which EU Replica Watches Do horologists Wear?

Many watch lovers have the doubt that which watches will the horologists choose. Today this problem will be solved for you.

Vladimir Zennaro

The Longines Master moon phase watch is very elegant.
Black Leather Strap Copy Longines Master

Vladimir Zennaro, the president of company of Bergeon watches in Switzerland. Bergeon was founded in 1791 in La Chaux-de-Fonds which has a long history of 228 years. It has been popular among the whole watchmaking industry with its professional watchmaking instruments and almost all the watch brands have used the products of this company. So which watch will he wear? The answer is a Longines moon phase watch which is very elegant. The reason why he chose this Longines Master fake with steel case is legible, top quality and mechanical movement.


Patek Philippe has been chosen by many successful men.
Rose Gold Case Patek Philippe Fake

Jackie, the founder of the a watches website, meanwhile, he is a watches maintenance horologist. What he wears is a perfect Patek Philippe Complications copy watch which is very expensive. He told that the reason why he chose it was because of the movement which was the same with the ref.5016 which was the most complicated model of Patek Philippe in 1990s.

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