All-New Replica Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Watches With The Wild Spirit

“The romantic dream of the Safari in the wilderness has always appeared constantly in my mind. It would be an adventure, and also means a piece of heaven with rugged and stunning natural scenery.”

—— Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren replica watches pleasure to launch two kinds of red second hand fake Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari watches, with the 50mm size that all show the bold and elegant unique aesthetic feeling. Two new launched fake Ralph Lauren watches that are all set with the eye-catching calendar display window, compared with the traditional surface with the clearer reading and also be clear at a glance.

The first replica Ralph Lauren watches with camouflage dial used the blue camouflage paint as the dial, and the stainless steel case through the advanced processing technology with the rotor style, rendering the feeling of “old”. With the 10 bar waterproof and also matching the olive green alligator leather strap, fully reflecting the exquisite workmanship and overall beauty of the fake Ralph Lauren watch. It also carries the Caliber RL3105 self-winding movement which contains 42 hours power storage.

The second fake Ralph Lauren watches with the RL3105 self-winding movement feature the stainless steel watch case and also with the blue frosted glass paint charcoal gray dial, and matching with the olive green canvas strap. Following the first Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari watches that launched in 2013 that adopting the canvas strap which is due to echo the explorer canvas bag.

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